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2021 Calendar

2020 calendar

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the PATMAD board canceled indoor in-person dances from March of 2020 onwards (including this year's Medley Marathon). We will be monitoring the pandemic and city and state regulations, and deciding when the general risks are appropriately low to resume dancing in person. Community members should assess their own risk.

The dances listed here are our online virtual dances held twice a month. (In September we joined the All Hands In partnership; together we will host a virtual contra dance every Saturday at 8:00pm Eastern.)

Usually on second and fourth Thursdays, we have been holding online socials, with occasional guest speakers; preceded by online tune swaps hosted by SPUDS, Philly's phabulous open contradance band.

Stay healthy, safe, and connected!

Date Caller Band
Jan. 7 Janine Smith John and Tom Krumm
Jan. 13 (Wednesday) Board meeting (by videoconference until further notice)
Jan. 14 Guest speaker - David Millstone presents Country Dance in Modern Times: Squares, ECD and Contras in Post-WWII America
Jan. 21 Perry Shafran Chloe, Rick, and Evan Mohr
Feb. 4 Bev Bernbaum Beverley Street: Janie Rothfield, Allan Carr, and Bill Wellington
Larks and Robins will be called for this dance. (Our virtual dance series continues the occasional trial use of gender-free role terms.)
The band will host a jam for musicians after the dance. Our usual post-dance social will take place in a breakout room.
Feb. 17 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Feb. 18 Drew Delaware
(from Toronto)
Butter Barrel: Jared Kirkpatrick and Bo Marchman
Mar. 4 Chet Gray Strings on Wings: Todd Clewell and Barb Schmid
Mar. 17 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Mar. 18 Dave Rupp Box and String Trio: Bill Quern, Sarah Gowan and Laura Alexander
Mar. 25 Guest speaker - Tony Parkes presents Diversity in Square Dancing
April 1 Scott Higgs Mad Katters: Marnen Laibow-Koser, Kirsten Erwin, and Adlai Waksman
(from the Boston AND Philadelphia areas, using Ian Brehm's contra chaining method)
April 15 Charlie Turner (from the UK) Casey Murray and Molly Tucker
Apr. 21 (Wednesday) Board meeting
May 6 Jacqui Grennan Jared Kirkpatrick and Mo Brachfeld
May 26 (Wednesday) Board meeting (rescheduled to allow attendance at the May 19 CDSS web chat on reopening)
May 20 Cis Hinkle Roofing Material: Bob Pasquarello, Kathy Talvitie, and Mat Clark
June 3 Donna Hunt John and Tom Krumm
June 10 Guest speaker - Susan Kevra presents A Crash Course on the History of American Social Dance
June 16 (Wednesday) Board meeting
June 17 Sue Gola Janet and Robert Mills
July 1 Janine Smith Box and String Trio: Bill Quern, Sarah Gowan and Laura Alexander
July 15 Dave Rupp Dancewiz: Steve Epstein (clarinet and sax), Adlai Waksman (accordion), Bill Quern (mando, banjo, fiddle), Jo Anne Rocke (piano)

Yellow Balloon Studio debut:
four musicians and a caller performing from one place

July 21 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Aug. 5 Donna Hunt Tom & the Geezers: Tom Krumm (fiddle, mandolin), John Krumm (fiddle, mandolin, guitar), Bob Pasquarello (piano)

Yellow Balloon Studio

Aug. 18 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Aug. 19 Bev Bernbaum Helene Zisook-Speer (fiddle), Jo Anne Rocke (piano), Peggy Leiby (recorder), Rachel Hall (concertina), Craig Newberger (hammered dulcimer)
Theme night: Steamy Summer Soiree! 😎

Yellow Balloon Studio

Sep. 2 Scott Higgs Instant Ensemble: Roberta Goren (flute), Dave Miller (fiddle), Adlai Waksman (piano)

Yellow Balloon Studio

Mt. Airy Virtual Contra Dance is moving to the fourth Saturday of each month, starting September 25. We are proud to join the Atlanta, Toronto and Glen Echo groups to create the next evolution of All Hands In. Together we will present a virtual contra dance every Saturday at 8:00pm Eastern. See for more information and the full dance schedule.
Sep. 22 (Wednesday) Board meeting - moved to not conflict with Erev Yom Kippur
Sep. 23 Guest speaker - Leslie Barr presents The Contra Dancer's Guide to French Dancing: from Bal to Balfolk
Saturday Sep. 25 Sue Gola Mind the Gap: Kirsten Erwin (flute and whistle), Adam Oleksa (fiddle), Jane Roberts (cello), Adlai Waksman (piano)

Yellow Balloon Studio

Oct. 20 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Saturday Oct. 23 Claire Takemori Tom Cunningham (fiddle) and Kate Sanders (piano)
Saturday Nov. 6 Sue Gola and Donna Hunt

SPUDS, Philly's phabulous open band, plays for an outdoor, fully vaccinated and masked, in-person contra dance, 2-5pm, in PCCH's parking lot! Free admission! (Details)

(And just like every Saturday night, there will also be an All Hands In online dance in the evening.)

Nov. 17 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Saturday Nov. 27 Dave Rupp Special Thanksgiving weekend program!
6:00 pm Doors open
6:15 pm BalFolk and French couple dancing
Music by Millevaches [Mill-vash] : Leslie Barr (fiddle), Laura Alexander (cello), Sarah Gowan (guitar) and Bill Quern (accordion and mandolin)
7:15 pm Waltz music by Dave Wiesler
8:00 pm All Hands In Contra Dance with callng by Dave Rupp
Music by Live Wire: Sarah Gowan (guitar, concertina), Ben Kennedy (piano), Tom Krumm (fiddle), Bill Quern (mandolin, banjo, accordion, etc.)
Dec. 15 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Saturday Dec. 25 Michael Karcher

(Yes, Virginia, we are dancing on Christmas Day in the evening!)

Moveable Feets: Kirsten Erwin (flute, whistle), Adam Oleksa (fiddle), Steve Epstein (clarinet), Jane Roberts (cello), Adlai Waksman (piano)

Yellow Balloon Studio

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