2020 Calendar

* indicates touring bands. 3rd Saturday dances usually start at 7:30pm and have their own pricing.

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Date Caller Band Sound Managing Notes
Jan. 2 Steve Zakon-Anderson Polaris - Rose Jackson (fiddle), Marta Bartholomew (fiddle), Sam Zakon-Anderson (piano), Jesse Ball (guitar, hammered dulcimer, accordion & feet) Jim
Jan. 9 Donna Hunt
Run of the Mill String Band - Palmer Loux (fiddle), Paul Sidlick (banjos, mandolin, tenor guitar), Greg Loux (guitar), Mat Clark (bass) Anne
Jan. 15 (Wednesday) Board meeting at Trisha's house
Jan. 16 Rick Mohr
SPUDS Jocelyn + Ridge
Larks/​ Ravens (full evening)
Jan. 18
Susan Taylor Raise the Roof - help them celebrate their 30th anniversary! Double Dance at Summit Church
Jan. 23 Dave Rupp
Full Sail - Adam Oleksa (fiddle), Rick Mohr (fiddle), Chloe Mohr (piano) Jan
Jan. 30 Ridge Kennedy
BREW Full Lager - Steve Epstein (clarinet, sax), Miranda Weinberg (fiddle), Bill Quern (banjo, mando, melodeon, cuatro), Adlai Waksman (accordion), Jo Anne Rocke (keyboard) Jeffrey

Feb. 6 Dan Black Dr. Twamley's Audio Snakes - Mike Rovine (fiddle), Jill Smith (piano), Wes Steenson (guitar, banjo) Jan
Community meeting about role terms at 7pm
Feb. 13 Jan Alter
Raise the Roof - Mat Clark (fiddle), Bob Pasquarello (bass), Judi Stellar (hammered dulcimer), Kathy Talvitie (guitar) Jim
Valentine's Day / Anti-Valentine's Day theme
Feb. 15
Sue Gola Pieces of Eight Summit Church
Feb. 19 (Wednesday) Board meeting at Barbara's house
Feb. 20 Anne Lutun
The Plough and Stars Band - Ben Kennedy (piano), Jacob Lavernier (accordion, low whistle, bodhran), Stephen Stanislaw (guitar, bando), Peter Subramanian (fiddle, mandolin), Addyson Teal (fiddle, mandolin) Trisha
Larks/​Robins (full evening)
Feb. 27 Sue Gola
"The Homesick Blues Band" (most of ACED) - Adlai Waksman (keyboard), Bill Quern (mandolin, banjo, harmonica, accordion, feet, etc.), Carol Carpenter (flute, piccolo), Doug Healy (guitar, percussion, mandolin) Jim
Mar. 5 Scott Higgs
SPUDS Brian + Jocelyn
Membership vote about role terms

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the PATMAD board canceled dances from March of 2020 onwards (including this year's Medley Marathon). We will be monitoring the pandemic and city and state regulations, and deciding when the general risks are appropriately low to resume dancing in person. Community members should assess their own risk.

The canceled dances are listed separately.

The online virtual dances we have been holding twice a month are listed below.

SPUDS, Philly's phabulous open contradance band, has been holding online tune swaps twice a month.

We will make our best effort to reschedule canceled out-of-town bands.

Stay safe and healthy!

Mar. 18 (Wednesday) Board meeting (by videoconference until further notice)
Apr. 7 (Tuesday) Board meeting [rescheduled]
April 23 Donna Hunt Box and String: Bill Quern and Sarah Gowan
May 7 Donna Hunt Box and String
May 20 (Wednesday) Board meeting
May 21 Sue Gola Box and String
June 4 Sue Gola Chloe, Rick, & Evan Mohr
June 17 (Wednesday) Board meeting
June 18 Scott Higgs Mohr Family Band
July 2 Scott Higgs Tom and John Krumm
July 15 (Wednesday) Board meeting
July 16 Jacqui Grennan Bethany Waickman and Glen Loper
Aug. 6 Dave Rupp Janet and Robert Mills
Aug. 19 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Aug. 20 Bev Bernbaum Tom and John Krumm
Aug. 27 Phil Jamison presents: Hoedowns, Reels, and Frolics: Roots and Branches of Southern Appalachian Dance
Sept. 3 Janine Smith Arrrrr mateys! We had some swashbuckling fun on an early Talk like a Pirate Night with Box and String Trio: Bill Quern, Sarah Gowan, and Laura Alexander
Sep. 16 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Sept. 17 Chet Gray Kathy Talvitie and Bob Pasquarello
Oct. 1 Donna Hunt Strings on Wings: Barb Schmid and Todd Clewell
Oct. 14 (Wednesday) Board meeting (moved to be before the third Thursday virtual dance)
Oct. 15 Scott Higgs Janet and Robert Mills
Nov. 5 Seth Tepfer Casey Murray and Molly Tucker
Nov. 18 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Nov. 19 Dave Rupp Mad Katters: Marnen Laibow-Koser, Kirsten Erwin, and Adlai Waksman
(from Boston AND Philadelphia, using Ian Brehm's Contra Chaining method!)
Dec. 3 Sue Gola Glen Loper and Bethany Waickman
Dec. 16 (Wednesday) Board meeting
Dec. 17 Claire Takemori Bob Pasquarello and Kathy Talvitie
Dec. 31 Donna Hunt Box and String Trio: Bill Quern, Sarah Gowan and Laura Alexander
This is from 8:25 to 9:20, part of the NYE Sea to Sea international New Year's Eve extravaganza. Register for the link at nyedance.info [archived copy]
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