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General Information, Dancer Inquiries Donna Hunt and Laura Alexander    
Thursday Booking – Guest Bands and Callers Ben Kennedy 610.529.8285  
Thursday Booking – Local Bands Rick Mohr & Chloe Mohr 267-331-5889  
Third Saturday Contra Dance Kathy Talvitie & Bob Pasquarello 215-805-6190  
SPUDS Coordinators Bill Quern
Sarah Gowan
Sound Coordinator Adam Bodine    
Coordinating Callers Jan Alter 215-885-9370  
Sue Gola 609-219-0275  
Scott Higgs 610-341-9933  
Donna Hunt    
Bob Isaacs 732-846-6230  
Ridge Kennedy 973-731-3691  
Jim Kitch 610-676-0123  
Rick Mohr 267-331-5889  
Sam Rotenberg 215-844-3259  
Dave Rupp 215-247-0713  
Volunteers All the volunteers are on a new page.
PATMAD Board Members      
Ian Brehm (vice president)    
Cristian Clothier      
Kirsten Erwin   610-517-1462  
Navonna Garrett 484-477-9777  
Oliver Lyons      
Rich Myers (treasurer) 215-768-0739  
Dave Rupp (president) 215-247-0713  
Peter Schiano    
Adlai Waksman   215-592-9848  
Ella Williams      
jess purvis
(records czar – minutes requests)