Mt. Airy Contra Dance News

PATMAD Board Elections - 2nd Thursday in October September, 2023

The Nominating Committee is looking for potential Board Members to help carry on the exciting the work of our growing dance community.  As we move out of the Pandemic we are hoping to fill 3 board vacancies.  Nominations will be open through September 28, and our committee will be reaching out to dancers who we feel will help our dance to thrive.  As we reach out, you might also consider volunteering to serve on one of our many committees.  A slate of nominees will be presented to the membership by the 1st Thursday in October.  Only members can vote, so renew or join by September 14. 

The Nominating Committee: Dave Rupp, Sue Gola, Ian Brehm and Cecelia Tannous-Taylor

Masks Are Optional 2nd and 4th Thursdays, starting September 14August, 2023

As we return to weekly dancing, the PATMAD Board voted to change the current masking policy so that the dances on the second and fourth Thursdays will be mask-optional, starting September 14. We recognize that many of our dancers do not want to wear masks. We also recognize that there are a substantial number of our community who are more vulnerable to respiratory diseases and who feel safer when all dancers are masked. The majority of you who responded to our survey said that you will dance with us regardless of the masking policy, and we thank you for that endorsement. The PATMAD Board will review the masking policy at end of October. Let us all respect each other's decisions, and hope for low COVID numbers and good health to all. Let’s dance!

Role Terms Vote Results July, 2023

Larks and Robins will be the role terms for all contra dances, starting in August 2023. The PATMAD board made this change in response to the vote of 101 PATMAD members during June. (Read more)

Ridge Kennedy Demonstrates Symmetrical Swings March, 2023

As more dancers take an interest in dancing different roles in contra and square dancing, three universal handholds may be helpful when swinging. Ridge Kennedy takes the time with helpful partners to demonstrate them at the Thursday Night Contra Dance in Philadelphia. Thanks to Jan Alter for the video. (2‑minute YouTube video)

Survey on Increasing Attendance November, 2022

Responses from the Fall 2022 survey are available. We discussed them, as well as other suggestions for increasing attendance, at the community meeting on Thursday, November 17.

Safety at PATMAD Events January 2016

Philadelphia Area Traditional Music and Dance needs the cooperation of all attendees to ensure all social interaction and physical contact is safe, appropriate, and welcome. If anyone is doing something that hurts or makes you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, don't hesitate to let him/her know. Quite often, the offender does not realize he/she is making someone uncomfortable. If the inappropriate behavior continues, or if you do not feel comfortable confronting the person, report the matter to any board member or to the event manager.

The board has adopted the Policy and Procedure for Dealing with Complaints of Inappropriate Behavior .