Contra Dance in Mt Airy PA


Volunteers are essential to the health of our dance and the strength of our community. The following people consistently help to make our dance a success:

Dancer inquiries Donna Hunt and Laura Alexander
Booking and Scheduling
Thursday Booking - Guest Bands and Callers Ben Kennedy 610.529.8285
Thursday Booking - Local Bands Rick Mohr & Chloe Mohr 267-331-5889
SPUDS Coordinators Bill Quern
Kim Neubauer

Sound Coordinator Ridge Kennedy 973-731-3691
Third Saturday Contra Dance Kathy Talvitie & Bob Pasquarello 215-805-6190
Guest band and caller housing Cinda Edgerton (coordinator)
Peggy Leiby and Ret Turner
Jon Treadwell and Kelly Germann
Jeff Gauthier and Miranda Weinberg
Donna Hunt and Chris Deephouse
Medley Marathon Donna Hunt, Kathy Talvitie & Bob Pasquarello Facebook messenger
ContraCopia Laura Alexander, Donna Hunt, Liesl Jandry, Oliver Lyons, Jennie Walsh, Chris Deephouse Facebook messenger
Allons Danser Liaison Peter Schiano, Lisa Wildman & Chris Deephouse Facebook messenger
Theme and Holiday Dances Helen Whitty Facebook messenger
Special events Chris Deephouse, Donna Hunt & Vince Budnick Facebook messenger
Dance volunteers
Dance managers Dave Rupp, Tom Sunday, Keith Matus, Diane Peterman, Eve P
& the current board
Dance manager scheduling Karey Bacon
Dance floor care Jonathan Sills
Snack table Lisa Cooper
Lost and found shepherd Donna Hunt Facebook messenger
Ordering supplies Donna Hunt Facebook messenger
Work grants Vince Budnick and Donna Hunt Facebook messenger
Inclement weather tracking Phil Baumgarten, Jonathan Sills
Role Terms Task Force Sheryl Neckritz, Mark Moore, Jim Rice, Jim Kitch, Jennie Walsh, Donna Hunt and Chris Deephouse (chair) Facebook messenger
Coordinating Caller Guidelines Task Force Anne Lutun, Bob Isaacs, Donna Hunt, Jim Kitch and Sue Gola
Web Site Adlai Waksman & Chris Deephouse
New Dancer Website Rob Malerman
Paper flyers and name badges Vince Budnick
Facebook Sarah Gowan
Meetup Maggie Mongeau
Email list (MailChimp) Donna Hunt & Tom Sunday
Outreach Karey Bacon and Laura Alexander
Membership records
Board records czar / minutes
jess purvis
Treasurer Rich Myers
Volunteer coordinator Chris Deephouse Facebook messenger

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