Cancellation announcement from 2020

Contra dances [were] canceled (including Third Saturdays)
through at least the end of May [2020]

We very much look forward to dancing with all of you when this is over.
Stay healthy, stay safe and stay connected!

Contra dancing is an activity with a uniquely high level of physical closeness and contact with most of the other participants. In view of the coronavirus pandemic, and the fact that community transmission has been occuring in the United States among people not showing symptoms, we have decided with heavy hearts to cancel the contra dances (including the Medley Marathon) until it is safe to dance together. We will assess the possibility of dancing again at the end of each month that we remain dark.

The board wishes to reassure everyone that the dance organization is on comfortable financial footing, and we very much look forward to dancing with all of you when this is over.

We recognize that this dance cancellation causes considerable problems with the vote we were conducting on role terms. The vote on role terms will be restarted with a fresh set of ballots when we return to in-person dances. (More details)

More information about the COVID-19 outbreak:
World Health Organization: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak
Pennsylvania Department of Health: Coronavirus [updated link]

As the Country Dance and Song Society remind us: [archived copy]

Our dance, song, and music traditions will not go away if we need to hit the pause button for a while. They’ve made it through population migrations, world wars, and the rise of digital entertainment. Dancing and singing together will continue with gusto after the initial virus has run its course. Be kind and understanding with the dancers, singers, musicians, callers, and organizers around you.

The PATMAD board
March 8, 2020