Mt. Airy Contra Dance Socials

Since June 6, 2020, we have hosted virtual socials so that members of our dance community can be in touch in an easy and comfortable way. Our socials are now usually 2nd Thursdays with an ice breaker game, a conversation starter or dessert.

Many of our virtual socials are planned just a few days in advance, but be assured that we'll have them. Please send an email to (with your full name and the location of your local contra dance) to get on our mailing list and receive the invitation to the socials. We hope to see you at a social!

2021 Socials

Date Leader Topic
1-14 David Millstone
Guest speaker
Country Dance in Modern Times
1-28 Faye Middleton Where do we live and why?
2-11 Faye Middleton What are our hobbies?
2-24 Lorraine Applebaum Black History Month discussion
3-11 Faye Middleton Just One (word game)
3-25 Tony Parkes
Guest speaker
Diversity in Square Dancing
4-08 PATMAD Board Community meeting
4-22 Lorraine Applebaum Earth Day discussion
5-13 Laura Alexander Planning for summer vacation?
5-27   No social
6-10 Susan Kevra
Guest speaker
A Crash Course on the History of American Social Dance
6-24 Laura Alexander Half open conversation, half "Would you rather...?"
7-08   No social
7-22 Laura Alexander Open discussion
8-12   No social
8-26 Laura Alexander Fall activities, open discussion
9-09   No social
9-23 Leslie Barr
Guest speaker
The Contra Dancer's Guide to French Dancing: from Bal to Balfolk
10-14 PATMAD Board Community meeting and board election
(More socials will be announced on the email list!)