2024 Calendar

Thursday Contra dances are every week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve) at the Irish Center (Commodore Barry Club), Up-to-date vaccination (including boosters) is strongly encouraged. Waivers are required, are as masks (surgical or better), except at designated mask-optional dances. Read the details.

3rd Saturday contra dances and Allons Danser Cajun and Zydeco dances have different COVID precautions. See their pages for details.

Community members should assess their own risk in attending any dance.

The All Hands In partnership has been presenting online dances on first and third Tuesdays at 8:00 Eastern time, and games nights and other community events most other weeks.

Stay healthy, safe, and connected!

* indicates touring bands.

Date Caller Band Notes
Jan. 4 Dave Rupp coordinating other callers Mind the Gap: Kirsten Erwin (flute, whistles), Adam Oleksa (fiddle), Jane Roberts (cello), Adlai Waksman (piano)
Jan. 11 Bob Isaacs coordinating Raise the Roof: Mat Clark (fiddle), Bob Pasquarello (bass), Judi Stellar (hammered dulcimer), Kathy Talvitie (guitar) Masks optional
Jan. 13 (Saturday) Allons Danser presenting Corey Arceneaux and the Zydeco Hot Peppers
Location: TK Club, 521 E. Hector Street, Conshohocken, Pa.
Jan. 14 (Sunday) Board meeting
Jan. 18 Sue Gola coordinating SPUDS: Philly's phabulous open contradance band! Tie-dye night!
Jan. 20 Susan Taylor 3rd Saturday at Summit Church with Raise the Roof: Mat Clark, Bob Pasquarello, Judi Stellar, Kathy Talvitie
Jan. 25 Dylan Simpson Starling: Jared Kirkpatrick (piano, mandolin, fiddle, foot percussion), Mo Brachfeld (fiddle) Masks optional

Feb. 1

Ridge Kennedy coordinating Wissahickon Express: Rick Mohr (fiddle), Cecelia Tannous-Taylor (fiddle), Evan Mohr (percussion, guitar), Chloe Mohr (piano)
Feb. 8 Rick Mohr coordinating Bill Sarah & Dani: Dani Hawkins (cello), Bill Quern (fiddle, melodeon, banjo, mandolin), Sarah Gowan (guitar) Masks optional
Feb. 15 Dave Rupp coordinating TWeLve: Nathalie Levine (fiddle), Miranda Weinberg (fiddle), Kathy Talvitie (piano)
Feb. 16 (Friday) Allons Danser presenting a Mardi Gras party (potluck; costumes welcome!) with Ruben Moreno and the Zydeco Re-Evolution
Location: Commodore Barry Club
Feb. 17 Michael Karcher 3rd Saturday at Summit Church with TWeLve: Kathy Talvitie, Miranda Weinberg, and Nathalie Levine
Feb. 18 (Sunday) Board meeting
Feb. 22 Alexandra Deis-Lauby Kingfisher: Jeff Kaufman (piano), Cecilia Vacanti (fiddle) Masks optional
Feb. 29 Jan Alter and Liesl Jandrey coordinating Broadside Kinetic: Rachel Hall (piano), Amy Ksir (accordion, winds), Tom Rhoads (guitar, concertina), Helene Speer (fiddle), Jim Speer (bass)
Mar. 7 Bob Isaacs coordinating SPUDS: Philly's phabulous open contradance band!
Mar. 10 (Sunday) Board meeting
Mar. 14 Scott Higgs coordinating ForthcomingCecelia Tannous-Taylor (fiddle), Miranda Weinberg (fiddle), Jeff Gauthier (whistles, percussion), Rachel Chang (guitar) Masks optional
Mar. 15 (Friday) Allons Danser presenting Le Winston Band
Location: TK Club, 521 E. Hector Street, Conshohocken, Pa.
Mar. 16 Donna Hunt 3rd Saturday at Summit Church with Brooklyn Swing Ensemble: Danny Elias, Marco Brehm, Sam Zygmuntowicz & Bob Pasquarello
Mar. 21 Greg Frock Coracree: Jane Rothfield (fiddle), Bill Quern (mando, banjo, melodeon), Sarah Gowan (guitar), Allan Carr (bass)
Mar. 28 Sam Rotenberg coordinating Jovial Beggars: Ben Kennedy (keyboard), Helene Zisook (fiddle), Peggy Leiby (recorder & feet), Rachel Hall (concertina) Masks optional
Mar. 30 Medley Marathon is Back! Six callers, four bands, non-stop dancing for a PATMAD FUNd raiser!
Fifth Saturday at Summit Church. (More)
Masks optional
Apr. 4 Donna Hunt coordinating Alias: Kirsten Erwin (flute, whistles), Adam Oleksa (fiddle), Adlai Waksman (piano)


Apr. 11 Sue Gola coordinating Hot Wasabi: Dave Miller (fiddle), Roberta Goren (flute), Chris Carpenter (clarinet, banjo, mandolin), Ben Kennedy (piano) Masks optional
Apr. 13 (Saturday) Allons Danser presenting Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble
Location: TK Club, 521 E. Hector Street, Conshohocken, Pa.
Apr. 18 Rick Mohr coordinating The Hazel Nuts: Chris Germain (fiddle), Heidi Germain (bass), John Salmon (guitar), Keith Brand (banjo)
Apr. 20 No 3rd Saturday dance this month - gone to NEFFA!
Apr. 25 Ridge Kennedy coordinating SPUDS: Philly's phabulous open contradance band! Masks optional
Dancing continues every Thursday night. Watch this space for more fantastic callers and bands!