Thursday Night Contra Dance 2013 Calendar

2012 2014
Date Caller Band Sound Manager/​Backup Special Notes
Jan 3 Dave Rupp Cantabile
Clare Maher (cello) Bill Nixon (fiddle) Adlai Waksman (piano) Kirsten Erwin (flute)
Jan 10 Peter Stix
Party of Three
Ed Pearlman on fiddle, Neal Pearlman on piano, Joe DePaolo on drums
Jan 17 Scott Higgs
Tanya & Ridge    
Jan 24 Ridge Kennedy Mat Clark and Bob Pasquarello Ted    
Jan 31 Maggie Jo Saylor Anadama
Amelia Mason, Emily Troll and Bethany Waickman
Feb 7

Donna Hunt
Game 7
Carol Wadlinger; flute and concertina Jansen Wendell; violin and mandolin Wes Steenson; guitar
Jim Jon/Vince  
Feb 14
Jim Kitch Jovial Beggars
Craig Newberger - hammered dulcimer Helene Zisook-Speer - fiddle Jo Anne Rocke - piano Peggy Leiby - recorder & feet Rachel Hall - Concertina
Ret Phil/Jess  
Feb 21 Bob Issacs (solo) Floorplay
Rya Martin (nee Mary Prendergast) on piano, Paul Rosen on mandolin, fiddle, accordion, and Colin Cannell on drums
Bob Jan/Christine  
Feb 28 Jan Alter SPUDS Lisa & Bill Vince/Donna  
Mar 7 Dave Rupp Maia Bang
Mary Kay Mann (flute, whistle) Dave Miller (fiddle) David Zinkin (piano)
Rob Donna/Jess  
Mar 14
(St Patrick's Day
Susan Taylor Sassafrass Stomp
Adam Nordell - guitar, vocals, feet percussion; Johanna Davis - fiddle, banjo, vocals
Jan Phil/Christine  
Mar 21 Donna Hunt Fingerpyx
Enid Diamante, fiddle Wes Steenson, guitar and banjo Jansen Wendell, fiddle and mandolins Jo Ann Rocke, piano
Lisa Sam/Dave  
Mar 28 Sam Rotenberg Mat, Brooke, Chloe, Rick
Mat Clark (fiddle) Brooke Mcorkle (bass) Chloe Mohr (piano) Rick Mohr (fiddle)

Scott Vince/Jan  
April 4
Melissa Taggart Corachree
Jane Rothfield, Allen Carr, Bill Quern, Sarah Gowan, Joe DePaolo
Ridge Phil/Laura  
April 11
Ridge SPUDS Ted & Tanya Jess/Dave  
April 18
John Krumm Vertical Expression
from the UK
Charley Roberts - fiddle; Ian Roberts - one- and two-row melodeons and feet; Ian Benton - guitar; Margaret Benton - double bass
Jim Jon/Jan  
April 25
Jan The Aces
Adlai Waksman - keyboard Carol Carpenter - flute, piccolo Enid Diamante - fiddle
Scott Laura/Vince  
May 2 Sam
JaneBob: Jane Rothfield, Fiddle; Bob Pasquarello, Piano Ted Jon/Phil  
May 9 Ridge
BREWextra:Josh Burdick, fiddle; Jo Anne Rocke, keyboard; Steve Epstein, clarinet and sax; Adlai Waksman, accordian Bill Quern, mando, banjo, squeeze
Scott Christine/Sam  
May 16 George Marshall
George Marshall, Ron Grosslein,
Tim Van Egmond, Timm Triplett,
David Cantieni
No Staff Donna/Jess  
May 23 Local Callers
Rob & Lisa Jan/Jon  
May 30 Andrea Nettleton Mat Clark and Dave Wiesler: Mat Clark, fiddle Dave Wiesler, piano Jan Phil/Donna  
June 6 Donna Run of the Mill String Band: Palmer Loux, fiddle; Greg Loux - Guitar; Paul Sidlick - banjo, mandolin, Tom Schaffer - bass Lisa    
June 13 Shane Knudsen Contra Rebels
Todd Clewell on fiddle, Henry Koretzky on guitar, Bruce Campbell on bass
June 20 Rick Dr. Twamley's Audio Snakes: Mike Rovine, fiddle; John Krumm, guitar, mandolin; Jill Smith, piano Jan    
June 27
The Contra Deceptives: Enid Diamante, fiddle; Diane Hartzell, vocals, whistles; Craig Newberger, dulcimer, piano; Justin Solonynka, piano, various doo-dads
July 4 Local Callers The Contraptions: Chloe Mohr, piano; Bill Quern, mandolin, banjo; Nora Smith, fiddle
July 11 Jan Raise the Roof:Mat Clark - fiddle; Judi Stellar - hammered dulcimer; Kathy Talvitie - guitar; A friend - bass Bill    
July 18 Bob SPUDs Rob & Ted    
July 25 Gaye Fifer Coffee Zombies
Tom Cunningham-fiddle/guitar, Dianna Davis-piano/accordion/clarinet, and Bob Douglas-percussion
August 1 Rachel Shapiro Cosmic Otters: Meg Dedolph - guitar; Eric Schedler - accordion, piano; Edward Wallace - fiddle; Jonathan Whiteall - fiddle, piano Jan    
August 8 Jim Mind The Gap: Adam Oleksa - fiddle; Kirsten Erwin - flute/whistles; Jane Roberts - cello; Adlai Waksman - piano
August 15 Melissa Forge Mountain Ramblers: Mark Schwartz - Piano; Sue Shumaker - Fiddle; Cal Cizek - Banjo; Rich Gilligan - Bass, Mandolin
August 22 Bob Isaacs
with local callers
August 29 Dan Black Velocipede:Julia Plumb on fiddle and Baron Collins-Hill on mandolin and tenor guitar Bob    
Sept 5 Shawn Brenneman (VA) Root Mean Square Paul Morrissett - violin, Jo Anne Rocke - piano, Wes Steenson - mandolin and guitar Ted Christine / Carol  
Sept 12 Sam Rotenberg
with local callers
Herd of Cats Adlai Waksman-piano, accordion Enid Diamante-fiddle, Kirsten Erwin-penny whistle flute, Craig Newberger- hammered dulcimer Jan Jess / Steve  
Sept 19 Jim Kitch
with local callers
Itsy Bitsy Spiders Bill Nixon-fiddle, Adlai Waksman-piano & accordion, Steve Epstein-clarinet & sax Scott Jan / Jon  
Sept 26 George Marshall Wild Asparagus
from Western MA.  Ann Percival on piano, guitar, and vocals, David Cantieni - flutes, tin-whistle, oboe, saxophone and bombard. Becky Tracy fiddle, George Marshall- concertina, bodhran and bones.

None Vince / Adlai  
Oct 3 Sue Gola and Jan Alter Mr. Darcy Josh Burdick and Adam Oleksa, violins Kirsten Erwin, flute and whistles Wes Steenson, guitar Ridge Dave Rupp/Jess  
Oct 10 Ridge Kennedy
with local callers
SPUDS Rob, Bill Phil/Vince  
Oct 17 Scott Higgs
with local callers
Mat and Bob Mat Clark-Fiddle, Bob Pasquarello-Piano Jim Jan/Jon  
Oct 24 Lisa Greenleaf Nor'Easter Cedar Stanistreet on fiddle, Julie Vallimont on piano, Max Newman on mandolin and guitar Jan Laura/Dave  
Oct 31
Jan Alter
with local callers
Instant Ensemble Roberta Goren, flute Dave Miller, fiddle David Zinkin,piano Scott Vince/Christine Halloween
Nov 7 Donna Hunt (solo) Run of the Mill String Band Palmer Loux fiddle, Greg Loux Guitar, Paul Sidlick banjo mandolin tenor guitar, Tom Schaffer bass Jim Jon/Adlai  
Nov 14 Greg Frock (MD) Avant Gardeners Laura Light on fiddle, George Paul on piano and guitar, Dave Wiesler on guitar and piano, Loren Oppenheimer on tabla Bob P Phil/Jan  
Nov 21 Melissa Taggart
with local callers
SPUDS Ridge & Bill Donna/Dave  
Nov. 28
No Dance on Thanksgiving
Dec 5 Ridge Kennedy Jovial Beggars Rachel Hall concertina, Jo Anne Rocke keyboard, Peggy Leiby recorders and feet, Craig Newberger hammered dulcimer, Helene Zisook-Speer fiddle Ret Vince/Angela  
Dec 12 Sam Rotenberg Game 7 Carol Wadlinger- flute and concertina, Jansen Wendell- violin and mandolin, Wes Steenson- guitar Scott Christine/Laura  
Dec 19 Jim Kitch JaneBob Jane Rothfield-Fiddle, Bob Pasquarello-Piano Jan Phil/Jon  
Dec 26 Melissa Taggert Hot Wasabi Adlai Waksman--piano, Chris Carpenter--clarinet and mandolin, Dave Miller--fiddle, & Roberta Goren--flute.   Jan/Sam  
Dec 30/31 No end of year dance in 2013. Join us January 2 to welcome 2014.
2012 2014