Thursday Night Contra

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Date Caller Band Sound.............. Manager/
Jan 7  Ridge Kennedy Keystone Express
Chlohe Maher, piano; Rick Mohr, fiddle; and
Eric Schedler, accordian
 Scott Higgs    
Jan 14 Jan Alter
Josh Burdick, fiddle ; JoAnne Rocke, keyboard; Steve Epstein, clarinet & sax; Adlai Waksman, accordion
 Jim Kitch    
Jan 21 Sam Rotenberg
Last Exit
Laurie Tupper,Flutes; Ross Harris, Guitar, Saxophone; Doug Healy, Guitar, Bass, Djembe; Christopher Jacoby, Guitar, Mandolin, Accordion
 Lisa Fleming    
Jan 28  Ridge Kennedy
Run of the Mill Stringband
Palmer Loux - fiddle; Greg Loux - Guitar; Paul Sidlick - banjo, mandolin; Tom Schaffer - bass
 Bill Quern    
Feb 4 Bob Issacs
 Lisa and Ted  Sam/Doug  
Feb 11
(dance was cancelled due to bad weather)

Tom Calwell & Myra Hirschberg from Peterborough, Ontario

Baltimore, MD. John Wobus on piano, Megan Wobus Beller on fiddle & Charley Beller on mandolin, banjo, feet & other percussion
 Ridge Kennedy  Reuven/Donna  
Feb 18  Scott Higgs
Kirsten Erwin, flute, whistle, bodhran; Clare Maher, cello, hammered dulcimer; Bill Nixon, fiddle; Adlai Waksman, accordion, piano
Bob Pasquarello
Feb 25 Ridge Kennedy FingerPyx
Enid Diamante, fiddle; Jo Anne Rocke, piano; Wes Steenson, guitar, banjo, percussion; Jansen Wendell, fiddle, mandolins
 Jim Kitch  Deane/Sarah  
Mar 4 Ted Hodapp
Takoma Park, MD
from Minnesota and Iowa -Erik Sessions (fiddle), Patrice Pakiz (piano, oboe, percussion), Pat O'Loughlin (english concertina and banjo) and John Goodin (mandolin and guitar)
Lisa Fleming
Mar 11 Cis Hinkle
Atlanta, GA
Hot Wasabi
Dave Miller, fiddle; Roberta Goren, flute; Chris Carpenter, banjo, clarinet, etc; Chloe Maher, piano
 Wes Steenson  Laurie/Sam  
March 18 Beth Molaro
Ashville, NC
Laura and the Lava Lamps
Laura Lengnick,  - fiddle, piano & guitar; David Wiesler - piano, guitar
Ralph Gordon - bass
Ted Ruddofker
March 25
 Rebecca Lay
West Brattleboro, VT
Bill and Ridge
April 1
Jim Kitch Rumpus
Bill Quern mando banjo squeezo; Steve Epstein
clarinet sax; Sarah Gowan guitar; Rick Mohr, fiddle
Jan Alter
April 8
 Donna Hunt
Wilmington, DL

Brazen Hussies

Cathy Mason - fiddle & guitar and Roberta Sutter - piano

Jim Kitch
Reuven/Dave Rupp  
April 15 Dave Rupp
Off'n Ensemble
Heidi Hammel - hammered dulcimer, concertina
Bob Yarbrough - flute, whistle, banjo, bodhran
Steve Smith - guitar, sax;
Elliott Schmuckler - upright bass
Jim Kitch Donna/Laurie  
April 22 Ron Buchanan
Mat Clark, John Devine, Bob Pasquerello
 Jan Alter Sarah/Enid  
April 29 Woody Lane
from Roseburg, WA
 from Seattle, WA. Julie  King, piano; Claude Ginsburg - violin, concertina, viola; Dave Bartley  - mandolin, guitar, cittern, etc.
Scott Higgs
May 6 Sam
Bill/Ridge Deane/Reuven  
May 13 Scott Higgs
from Wayne, PA
Perpetual Emotion
North Yarmouth, ME
Edward Howe - fiddle, mandolin, percussion

John Côte - mandolin, guitar, foot.percussion, didgeridoo
Lisa Enid/Deane  
May 20 George Marshall
George Marshall, from New England with Ron Grosslein -  fiddle and mandolin
Tim Van Egmond - hammered dulcimer, percussion
Timm Triplett - piano, philosopher
David Cantieni - saxophone, flute, bombard, whistle

No Staff Sarah/Jan  
May 27 Diane Silver
Asheville, NC

Mr Darcy
Kirsten Erwin - flute, whistle Adam Oleksa - violin Josh Burdick - violin Wes Steenson - guitar

Scott Sam/Laurie  
June 3 Bob Isaacs
New Brunswick, NJ
Boston MA  - Amelia Mason (fiddle) Emily Troll (accordion and fiddle) Bethany Waickman (guitar)
Ted Jan/Doug  
June 10 Ridge Kennedy

Big Phat American K-Lee Band
Bill Quern mando banjo Rick Mohr fiddle, melodeon Doug Healy bass Steve Epstein clarinet Jim Hamilton, percussion Ross Harriss sax Adlai Waksman accordion Pete Soloway bass sax Sarah Gowan guitar




June 17 Sam Rotenberg Bow Rockers
Rusty Neithammer - Fiddle Nancy Neithammer - Fiddle Paul Sidlick - Banjo Margaret Sidlick - Uke Peter Szego - Guitar Tom Schaffer - Bass
Wes Laurie/Sarah  
June 24 Lisa Greenleaf
Bolton, MA
Matching Orange
Boston, MA
Brendan Block, Fiddle; Eric McDonald - mandolin, guitar
; Eric Eid-Reiner - piano
July 1 Jim Kitch

Ted & Tanya
July 8 Colin Hume
Hertfordshire, UK
The Contraptions
Bill Quern - mandolin, banjo, harmonica, bodhran, etc. Chloe Maher - piano Nora Smith - fiddle
July 15 Chrissy Fowler
Belfast, ME
from Maine, with  Steve Muise on fiddle, Fred White on guitar, and Glen Loper on mandolin, banjo, and percussion
July 22 Ridge Hearts to the Ladies
Eve Rantzer - piano, rhythm footwork Enid Diamante - fiddle Kirsten Erwin - flute
Bob Donna/Doug  
July 29 Jan
Game 7
Carol Wadlinger - flute Jansen Wendell - violin, mandolin, octave mandolin Wes Steenson - guitar

August 5 Rick
Col Mike's Dance Band
Bob Stein - Accordion, John Krumm - Fiddle, Guitar, Bob Pasquarello - Piano
August 12 Jack Mitchell
Durham, NC

West Virginia Will Carter: stand-up bass
Gary Reynolds: guitar, trumpet, piano John Longwell: mandolin, tenor banjo, fiddle; Paul Epstein: fiddle     
August 19 Donna Hunt

Bill & Ridge
August 26 Jim
Clark, Wiesler, & Taylor
Mat Clark, fiddle Dave Wiesler, piano & guitar Bob Taylor, bass

Sept 2 Ridge

Bill Quern - mando, banjo, fiddle, boxes, harmonica; Adlai Waksman - accordion; Steve Epstein - clarinet and sax; JoAnne Rocke - keyboard

Jan Enid/Sarah  
Sept 9 Shawn Brenneman
Winston-Salem, NC
Night Watch
(VT, NH, TN) Naomi Morse from VT on fiddle, Elvie Miller from NH on piano & accordion, Owen Morrison from Nashville TN on guitar, mandolin & foot percussion
Sept 16 Donna

Clare Maher - 'cello; Kirsten Irwin - flute; Adlai Waksman - piano; Bill Nixon - fiddle

Jim Reuven/Dave Rupp  
Sept 23 George Marshall Wild Asparagus
w/ George Marshall , from Western MA.  Ann Percival on piano, guitar, and vocals, David Cantieni - flutes, tin-whistle, oboe, saxophone and bombard. Becky Tracy fiddle, George Marshall- concertina, bodhran and bones.
No Sound
Sept 30 Ridge Rumpus
Rick Mohr - fiddle, melodeon; Bill Quern - mando, banjo; Michael Hearn, harmonica; Sarah Gowan, guitar
Jan Reuven/Jess  
Oct 7 Jan

Ted & Tanya
Oct 14 Bob Maia Bang
Dave Miller - fiddle; Mary Kay Mann - winds; David Zinkin - piano
Scott Donna/Steve Blum  
Oct 21 Rick Jane's Gang
Jane Rothfield - Fiddle; Paul Sidlick - mandolin, tenor guitar; Allan Carr - guitar
Bob P Sam/Dave R  
Oct 28   FingerPyx
Enid DiaMante - fiddle; Wes Steenson - guitar, banjo; Jansen Wendell - fiddle and mandolins; Jo Anne Rocke - piano
Scott Sarah/Deane  
Nov 4 Tom Calwell & Myra Hirschberg from Peterborough, Ontario
Root Mean Square
Jo Anne Rocke - piano; Paul Morrissett - fiddle; Wes Steenson - mandolin, banjo
Tanya Donna/Deane  
Nov 11 Nils Fredland Elixir
from Brattleboro, VT - Nils Fredland, trombone
Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, fiddle
Jesse Hazzard-Watkins, trumpet
Anna Patton, clarinet
Owen Morrison, guitar / feet
Bob P
Nov 18 Donna Hunt

Run of the Mill String Band
Palmer Loux - fiddle; Greg Loux - guitar; Paul Sidlick - banjo, mandolin; Tom Schaffer - bass

Jan Reuven/  
Nov. 25
No Dance this Thursday
Dec 2
Sam Rotenberg


Bill & Ridge Reuven/Vince  
Dec 9 Sarah VanNorstrand
Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand
from the Great Bear Trio

Lisa Dob/Dave  
Dec 16 Ridge
 Jovial Beggars
Craig Newberger, hammered dulcimer Helene Zisook Speer, fiddle Jo Anne Rocke, piano Peggy Leiby, recorders & feet Rachel Hall, concertina

Dec 23 Jim Kitch

Met, Chris and Bob
Mat Clark - fiddle; Chris Jacoby - guitar, mandolin; Bob Pasquerello - piano

Jan Carol/Jan  

An Early
New Year's Eve
Dec 30

Rick Mohr
Raise the Roof
Mat Clark - fiddle; Pete Soloway - bass; Judi Stellar - hammered dulcimer; Kathy Talvitie - guitar
Bob P Donna