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PATMAD Community Newsletter July 2016

PATMAD (Philadelphia Area Traditional Music and Dance) is the organization that sponsors the Thursday Night Contra and SPUDS and supports the 3rd Saturday Contra and Allons Danser. PATMAD also sponsors ContraCopia, French Creek Dance/Music Weekend, and other events throughout the year. PATMAD is an affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS)

Volunteers needed

If you want to volunteer: Talk to any Board Member or email Thank you for considering.

Community Meeting

Our by-laws require that we have a Community Meeting at least twice each year. The next Community Meeting will be August 25 during the break at the Mt Airy Contra (SPUDS is playing!!). Everyone in encouraged to attend!

Membership Drive

The Membership Drive is August 25, and Sept 1st at the dance. Membership is FREE but it must be renewed annually. Some good reasons to renew during the membership drive:

You can join at ANY TIME during the year; the membership forms are at the front desk at the dance. All memberships expire on Dec 31 unless renewed.

October is Board Election Month

If you are interested in joining the PATMAD Board please talk with Christine Merryman (or any other Board member) about details. The Nomination committee will be convening early in September and searching for candidates for the 2 year commitment.