Medley Marathon Contra Dance

Medley Marathon 2024 banner

Graphic by Alex Burka

Six callers, four bands, three hours of non-stop dancing

Saturday March 30, 2024 7:30pm to 10:30pm at Summit Church. $15 + sliding scale

The callers and bands will rotate on stage. Dancers will keep dancing. Big kudos to our sound crew, Adam Bodine and Ian Brehm.

You and your partner may join anytime at the bottom of the line.

You and your partner may drop out anytime at the top or bottom of the line to hydrate, rest, socialize and find a new partner.

This dance is not for beginners. There is no lesson and no teaching. We expect dancers will know heys, right-and-left through, petronella turns, pass through to a wave, rory-o-more balances and contra corners. Come to the Thursday Contra during March where the callers will teach all the figures you need to know.

Fund Raiser for the Thursday Night and 3rd Saturday Contra Dances. The callers, bands and sound crew are donating their time (and joining in the dancing when not on stage).


Callers Bands

Michael Karcher

Sue Gola

Donna Hunt

Jan Alter

Dave Rupp

Liesl Jandrey

Raise the Roof

The Orphans

Box and String

Wissahickon Express

Sound by

Adam Bodine and Ian Brehm