ContraCopia Performers for 2019

Michael Karcher Michael Karcher has been having the time of his life calling dances and weekends around the North America since 2011. He has honed a warm and concise style of teaching and calling, to the delight of dancers across the continent.
Micheal Karcher Terry Doyle is an accomplished caller who travels far and wide around the country to call contra dances. She is currently teaching at Western Piedmont Community College in Morgantown and is the co-director of the Appalachian Folk School in Mountain City, TN. While teaching and calling contra dances, you’ll find Terry flat foot dancing on stage adding percussive rhythm sounds that accompany the music.
Maia McCormick Maia McCormick is a contradance caller and choreographer based in New York City. She got her calling start while organizing the Williams College contradance, and has been gigging across the country ever since. Maia is known for her accessible-yet-stimulating programming, and for her terrible (charming?) puns.

Chimney Swift Chimney Swift hatched from a well-timed coincidence. Zoë, having just moved to Boston, carpooled with Cecile to Youth Dance Weekend 2015. On that ride and during the weekend that followed they found they liked the same kind of grooves. After jamming for a few months on the regular and playing some acoustic waltzes on the floor at Dance Flurry, the obvious next step was to start a band.
Now a four-person outfit with the addition of Daniel Raine holding down the rhythm on cittern, and Yaron Shragai on whistles and doumbek, Chimney Swift hopes to fly through a dance hall near you soon!
Buddy System Buddy System plays dance music with heart, seemingly bottomless energy, and a deep groove. Noah VanNorstrand (fiddle, foot percussion) and Julie Vallimont (piano, jawharp) are known for their creativity, big sound, tight arrangements, and connection with the dancers. They use their duo to its full potential: Noah’s fiddle and foot percussion powerhouse drives the band, matched by Julie’s rich, nuanced, versatile piano playing.
Buddy System has taken the country by storm since Noah and Julie started performing together in 2014. They’ve played for dancers in more than twenty states, at some of the biggest dance festivals in the country. They also love playing concerts, where they can showcase other parts of their deep repertoire.
image coming soon Larry Unger and Friends includes Larry Unger (Guitar, Banjo), Alexander Mitchell (Fiddle), Henry Koretzky (Mandolin) and Ralph Gordon (bass)

Bob Pasquarello Bob Pasquarello will be playing waltzes on the piano.
Ellen Tepper Ellen Tepper has been playing the harp since childhood. After a lifetime of playing and sitting still, she started playing for dances in 1989. She is still trying to find a way to dance and play at the same time.