Thursday Night Contra Dance 2016 Calendar

Date Caller Band Sound Manager/Backup Special Notes
Jan 7 Dave Rupp Run of the Mill String Band Palmer Loux (fiddle), Greg Loux (guitar), Paul Sidlick (banjo, mandolin), Mat Clark (bass) Jim Kitch Adlai/Jonathan
Jan 14 Jim Kitch SPUDS Philly's Phabulous Pick-Up Band! Ridge & Brian Mark T/Jess
Saturday Jan 16 Rick Mohr Pieces of Eight Afternoon & evening dance Summit Church
Jan 21 Scott Higgs (solo) Last Exit Ross Harriss (sax, guitar), Doug Healy (guitar, electric bass, djembe), Christopher Jacoby (accordion, guitar, mandolin), Laurie Tupper (flute) Rob Laura/Maria
Jan 28 Jan Alter Rick, Adam & Chloe Rick Mohr (fiddle), Adam Oleksa (fiddle), Chloe Maryam Mohr (piano) Jim Vince/Mark H
Feb 4 Donna Hunt
Mark Hillegonds
Coracree Jane Rothfield (fiddle, banjo) Bill Quern (mandolin, banjo, melodeon) Allan Carr (bass) Sarah Gowan (guitar, feet)
Tarantulas as Pets Bill Nixon (fiddle), Steve Epstein (clarinet, sax), Adlai Waksman (accordion), Chloe Mohr (piano)
Jan, Brian, Scott Jess/Mark T Fund Raiser for Commodore Barry Club
Feb 11 Rick Mohr Jovial BeggarsCraig Newberger (hammered dulicmer) Helene Zisook-Speer (fiddle) Jo Anne Rocke (keyboard) Peggy Leiby (recorder, feet) Rachel Hall (concertina) Ret Phil/Mark H Valentine Dance
Feb 18 Chuck Abell New Caledonia Laura Light (fiddle), Janet Muse (piano), Daniel Beerbohm (winds) Loren Oppenheimer (percussion) Scott Jonathan/Jan
Saturday Feb 20 Sue Gola Pieces of Eight Summit Church
Feb 25 Sue Gola SPUDS Brian & Ridge Donna/Maria
Mar 3 Bob Isaacs (solo) Nor'Easter Julie Vallimont (piano), Max Newman (mandolin), and Cedar Stanistreet (violin) Rob Adlai/Mark T
Mar 10 Ridge Kennedy Live Wire Josh Burdick (Violin), Sarah Gowan (Guitar, concertina, feet), Ben Kennedy (Piano), Bill Quern (Mandolin, banjo) Jan Laura/Dave Rupp
Mar 17 Sarah VanNorstrand Seaglass Andrew VanNorstrand (guitar) Eileen Nicholson (fiddle) Rachel Bell (accordion) Bob P Donna/Jess
Mar 19
6 callers 4 Medley Marathon bands Terry Mutchler
Mar 24 Donna Hunt Beyond the Ale Kirsten Erwin (flute, whistle), Josh Burdick (fiddle), Steve Epstein (clarinet, sax), Doug Healy (guitar) Jim Vince/Steve Blum
Mar 31 Dave Rupp Finger Pyx Enid Diamante (fiddle), Wes Steenson (Guitar and Banjo), Jo Anne Rocke (Piano), Jansen Wendell (Fiddle and Mandolins) Brian Mark H/Phil
Apr 7 Chart Guthrie SPUDS Brian Mark T/Jonathan
Apr 14 Sam Rotenberg Caravan Kirsten Erwin (Whistles, flute), Thane Glenn (Mandolin), Ben Kennedy (Piano), Adam Oleksa (Violin) Ridge Maria/Christine
Apr 21 Ron Blechner Itsy Bitsy Spiders Bill Nixon (fiddle), Steve Epstein (clarinet, sax), Adlai Waksman (keyboard) Rob Vince/Phil
Apr 28 Jim Kitch Coracree Jane Rothfield (fiddle, banjo) Bill Quern (mandolin, banjo, melodeon) Allan Carr (bass) Sarah Gowan (guitar, feet) Jan Mark H/Sam Rotenberg
May 5 Rick Mohr Brew Full Lager Steve Epstein (clarinet and sax), Josh Burdick (fiddle), Bill Quern (banjo, mando, melodeon, harmonica), Adlai Waksman (accordion and melodica), Jo Anne Rocke (keyboard) Rob+Anne Laura/Jess
May 12 Dave Rupp Hot Wasabi Chris Carpenter--banjo, mandolin, clarinet; Roberta Goren--flute; Adlai Waksman--piano, & Dave Miller--fiddle Jim Maria/Christine
May 19 Jan Alter SPUDS Brian Phil/Mark H
May 19
Jan Alter Pieces of Eight Bob Kathy Summit Church
May 26 George and Tim Swallowtail George Marshall, Ron Grosslein, Tim Van Egmond, Timm Triplett, David Cantieni None Adlai/Mark H
June 2 Jacqui Grennan Gravel Hill Gambolers Derek Austin (guitar), Joralyn Glenn (upright bass), Thane Glenn (mandolin), Greg Synnestvedt (fiddle, banjo, mandolin) Brian Donna/Jess Bad Prom Theme
June 9 Maia McCormick Dr. Twamley's Audio SnakesMike Rovine (fiddle) Jill Smith (piano) Wes Steenson (guitar, mandolin, banjo) ? Mark T/Laura
June 16 Jim Kitch Hot Feat Mat Clark (fiddle, mandolin), Dave Wiesler (piano, guitar) Jan Vince/Sam
June 23 Ridge Kennedy Tom Krumm++ Tom Krumm, Paul Prestopino and Ben Kennedy, featuring a slew of guest appearances from the best of the local music scene. Rob Phil/Maria
June 30 Clinton Ross Anadama Amelia Mason (fiddle), Emily Troll (accordion), and Bethany Waickman (guitar) Jim Mark H/Christine
July 7 Sue Gola SPUDS Brian & Anne Maria/Vince 40th Anniversary Color Wheel Theme Dance with Ice Cream!
Throwback price $2.
July 14 Quena Crain Long Pond Rounders Jonah Sidman: Fiddle, Corey Walters: Flute & Mandolin, Ross Harriss: Saxophone & Guitar, Michael Friedman: Piano & Foot Percussion, Doug Schaefer: Percussion Phil/Sam Rotenberg Jan
July 21 Donna Hunt Fair Warning Ross Harriss (Saxophone) Daniel Hawkins (Cello) Bob Pasquarello (Piano) Christine/Mark T Ridge
July 28 Anna Rain Matt/Ben/Judy Mat Clark - fiddle Ben Kennedy - piano Judy Minot - accordian Donna/Adlai Ted
Aug 4 Bob Isaacs Herd of Cats Craig Newberger, hammered dulcimer Adlai Waksman, piano Enid Diamante, fiddle Kirsten Erwin, flute and penny whistle Brian Jess/Jan Alter crazy hair theme
Aug 11 Sam Rotenberg Mr. Darcy Adam Oleksa (violin), Josh Burdick (violin), Kirsten Erwin (flute, whistle), Wes Steenson (guitar) Anne Mark H/Phil
Aug 18 Melissa Taggart (solo) Groovemama Donna Hebert (violin), Jane Rothfield (violin), Max Cohen (guitar), Julie Sorcek (flute, horns), Alex Bell() Jim Adlai/Sam Rotenberg
Aug 25 Mark Hillegonds (solo) SPUDS Brian & Ridge Vince/Laura Community Meeting
Membership Drive
Sep 1 Ridge Kennedy Mind the Gap Adlai Waksman (piano), Adam Oleksa (fiddle), Kirsten Erwin (flute, whistle), Jane Roberts (cello) Anne Phil/Donna Membership Drive
Sep 8 Dave Rupp Big Trouble Rick Mohr (fiddle), Paul Prestopino (mandolin, banjo), Bob Pasquarello (piano) Brian Vince/Laura
Sep 12 Board meeting at Donna's and Chris'
Sep 15 Janine Smith & Susan Taylor Dead Sea Squirrels Cathy Mason, fiddle, Henry Yoshimura, guitar; Craig Edwards, fiddle, banjo, mando Jim Mark T/Adlai
Sep 17
Dave Rupp Z train Ross Harriss sax, Jonah Sidman fiddle, Michael Friedman piano
Sep 22 George Marshall Wild Asparagus Ann Percival on piano, guitar, and vocals, David Cantieni on flutes, whistles, oboe, saxophone, and bombard, Becky Tracy on fiddle, George Marshall on concertina and rhythm. Wild Asparagus Laura/Jess $11 Door price
No free passes
Sep 29 Scott Higgs Raise the Roof Mat Clark - fiddle Judi Stellar - hammered dulcimer Kathy Talvitie - guitar and Bob Pasquarello - bass Rob Christine/Mark H
Oct 6 Mark Hillegonds SPUDS Bill Phil/Barbara
Oct 12 (Wednesday) Board meeting at Mark T's
Oct 13 Jim Kitch JaneBob Jane Rothfield (Fiddle) Bob Pasquarello (piano) Jan Christine/Vince
Oct 15
Mark Widmer Pieces of Eight
Oct 20 Gaye Fifer Cantabile Bill Nixon (fiddle), Clare Maher (cello), Kirsten Erwin (flute, whistles), Adlai Waksman (keyboard) Anne Mark H/Laura Joye Asta's birthday party. Free for all dancers.
Oct 27 Donna Hunt (solo) Buddy System Julie Vallimont and Noah VanNorstrand Brian & Rob Jess/Mark T TECHNO CONTRA! $12/$7
Nov 3 Greg Frock Frequent Flyers Laura Light (fiddle), Anita Anderson (piano), Julia Weatherford (cello) Anne Phil/Sam
Nov 10 Bob Isaacs Run of the Mill String Band Palmer Loux, fiddle Paul Sidlick, banjo, mandolin Greg Loux, guitar Mat Clark, bass Jim Donna/Barbara
Nov 14 (Monday 7:15p) Board meeting at Jonathan Sill's house.
Nov 17 Jan Alter SPUDS Bill & Ridge Mark H/Karey
Nov 19
Janine Smith Brooklyn Swing Ensemble
Nov 24 No dance on Thanksgiving
Nov 26
Dec 1 Adina Gordon Pete's Posse Pete Sutherland (fiddle, piano, banjo), Oliver Scanlon (fiddle, viola, mandolin, feet), Tristan Henderson (guitars, mandolin, jaw harp, feet) Rob Phil/Jess
Dec 8 Kathy Anderson STEAM Alice Boyle, fiddle; Dave Firestine, mando; Claire Jamieson Zucker, bodhran and feet; Robert Rosenberg, guitar Brian Adlai/Laura
Dec 14 (Wednesday) Board meeting at TBD
Dec 15 Sam Rotenberg Jovial Beggars Craig Newberger - Hammered Dulcimer Jo Anne Rocke - keyboard Helene Zisook-Speer - fiddle Peggy Leiby - recorders & feet Rachel Hall - concertina Ret Mark H/Jan
Dec 17
Scott Higgs Maivish Adam Broome, Jaige Trudel, Matthew Olwell Winter Cotillion
Dec 22 Sue Gola JAWS (Jane, Adam, Wes, and Stein) Jane Roberts (cello), Bob Stein (accordion), Adam Oleksa (violin), Wes Steenson (guitar) Jan Vince/Sam
Dec 29 Tom Hinds The Big Phat American K-Lee Band Bill Quern - mando, fiddle, melodeon; Sarah Gowan - guitar, concertina; Steve Epstein - clarinet, sax; Adlai Waksman - accordion, melodica; Doug Healy - bass; Jim Hamilton - percussion Brian Karey/Christine NYEEE special dance $12/$7