Thursday Night Contra Dance in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA 19119

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Contra Dance in Mt Airy PA
Every Thursday night at the Commodore Barry Club
Third Saturdays at Summit Church
8 to 11 pm every Thursday Night ~ Instruction at 7:30pm
FIRST TIME FREE for new contra dancers!
Local bands: $8, $5 students with ID
* Touring bands: $12, $8 students with ID
Free admission for children 12 and under.
Sunday Dec. 30 at 7pm Christine Merryman

Not Quite New Year's Eve Dance at 7:00 pm at Summit Church

$15 / $10 students. Festive refreshments! Start your celebration a night early!

Pakadaca - Paul Prestopino (strings), Kathy Talvitie (piano), Daniel Beerbohm (winds), Carl Friedman (fiddle)

5:30pm potluck supper; 6:30 new dancer lesson; 7:00 contra dancing; 8:45 long break, fancy refreshments, then more contra dancing; 10:00 New Year's song and final dances.

Jan. 3 Jim Kitch
with other callers
Finger Pyx - Enid Diamante (fiddle), Jo Anne Rocke (piano), Wes Steenson (guitar, banjo, percussion), Jansen Wendell (fiddle, mandolin, octave mandolin)
Jan. 10 Sue Gola
with other callers
SPUDS - Philadelphia's Phabulous Pickup Band
Jan. 17 Peter Stix Run of the Mill String Band - Palmer Loux (fiddle), Greg Loux (guitar), Paul Sidlick (banjo, mandolin, tenor guitar), Mat Clark (bass)
Jan. 19
Susan Taylor Raise the Roof - Double Dance - Location: Summit Church
Jan. 24 Jan Alter
with other callers
Brew Full Lager - Steve Epstein (clarinet, sax), Adlai Waksman (accordion), Bill Quern (mando, banjo, melodeon), Miranda Weinberg (fiddle), Jo Anne Rocke (keyboard)
Jan. 31 Dave Rupp
with other callers
The Orphans - Peter Buchak (accordion), Ben Kennedy (piano), Miranda Weinberg (fiddle)
Feb. 7 Bob Isaacs
with other callers
Grip It & Rip It - Rich Myers (Mandolin, Guitar), Larry Feldman (Fiddle, Mandolin), Mark Schultz (banjo), Ed Bonghi (Guitar, Mandolin), Ron Greenstein (acoustic bass)
Feb. 14 Ridge Kennedy
with other callers
Live Wire - Sarah Gowan (guitar, concertina), Ben Kennedy (piano), Tom Krumm (fiddle), Bill Quern (mandolin, banjo, accordion, etc)
Feb. 16
Sue Gola Pieces of Eight - Location: Summit Church
Feb. 21 Donna Hunt
with other callers
Jovial Beggars - Craig Newberger (hammered dulcimer), Helene Zisook-Speer (fiddle), Jo Anne Rocke (keyboard), Peggy Leiby (recorder, feet), Rachel Hall (concertina)
Feb. 28 Jim Kitch
with other callers
SPUDS - Philadelphia's Phabulous Pickup Band

We dance every Thursday night (except Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve) in Mt. Airy at the Commodore Barry Club, 6815 Emlen Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119 (directions). The Third Saturday Contra Dance is at Summit Church, also in Mt. Airy. We thank the staff of Glenside Memorial Hall for supporting our dances for nearly 20 years.


Any Thursday night, people new to contra dancing get in free!
"If you can walk and count to 4, you can contra dance!"

Not your first time? Bring your friends and let them too discover the joy, energy, swirling awesomeness, and just plain fun of contra dancing!

As contra dancers, we need to always be recruiting in order to grow our dance and have more fun. Now is the time to start talking to that friend who you think would love to dance with us. Bring them for free on any Thursday night.

The best way to get people to try something new is to personally ask them: share your love for dancing, bring them early, teach them how to swing, et cetera. The more we grow our dance, the more fun we can all have. Who will you recruit? Will it be someone from work? Someone from your place of worship? Someone from your knitting group or Zumba class? A stranger on the street?

See you and your new dancer friends soon!

Want to Know More?

See Welcome Information for more about the volunteer-run Thursday Night Dance and general information about Contra Dancing. See also Video Clip #1 or Video Clip #2. See our contact page to get answers to your questions or to volunteer.

Weather-Related Cancellations
In case of inclement weather please check this website or our Facebook page.


The Summit Pick Up Dance Society (SPUDS) is open to all musicians who wish to participate, and has musicians of different levels of ability among its members. Since it is a contra dance band, the tunes range from reels and jigs to waltzes. We play for the Thursday night dance about seven times a year and occasionally for other events. For more information on how you can take part, including jams and rehearsals, visit the SPUDS website or contact SPUDS Coordinators Kim Neubauer and Bill Quern.



Third Saturday Contra Dance at Summit Church in Mt. Airy
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The Thursday Night Contra Dance is sponsored by Philadelphia Area Traditional Music and Dance (PATMAD), a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation that is an affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society. PATMAD also sponsors the Third Saturday Contra Dance, SPUDS, and Allons Danser. PATMAD's non-profit filings are available from

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