For Thursday Night Contra Dancers

The Steering Committee of the Thursday Night Contra Dance proposes to change the way the dance is organized and operated. Briefly, the committee proposes to

These proposals are spelled out in five resolutions, which are presented below.  These proposals are the outcome of discussions by members of the community, particularly at open meetings on the following occasions:

At the dance on December 7, 2006, we respectfully request that you review and vote to approve these resolutions.  

To carry out these resolutions, there are numerous details and options to be considered.  We welcome your participation in the process.

Steering Committee:

Steve Blum
Donna Hunt
Mel Novner
Carl Peridier

Jess Purvis
Steve Shelly
Sterle Wallace

Resolutions of the Thursday Night Dance Community
Proposed for a vote on December 7, 2006

(1) Resolved, that the Thursday Night Dance Community shall create a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation, which shall, upon acceptance of it articles of incorporation by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, become the successor to the Thursday Night Dance Community and may make use of its name and assume ownership of its assets.

(2) Resolved, that the present members of the Steering Committee shall be the initial incorporators of the new corporation, and that their terms of office on the Board of the new corporation shall be the same as their terms on the Steering Committee.

(3) Resolved, that the new corporation shall apply to be included as part of the Country Dance and Song Society group tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or its successor provisions.

(4) Resolved, that the name of the new corporation shall be the Philadelphia Area Traditional Music and Dance corporation.

(5) Resolved, that the corporation shall be a membership corporation, that the members of the Board shall be elected by the members of the corporation, and that any person who participates in the activities of the corporation may sign up to be a member. The Board shall provide reasonable opportunities for participants to sign up and renew their membership throughout the year. The Board may set a cut off date for signing up to participate in an election. This cut off date shall be not more than one month prior to the start of the election.