Third Saturday Contra Dance

Third Saturday Contra Dance
Summit Church in Mt Airy, Philadelphia PA

Contras and Squares Location:Summit Church

Location: Summit Church Click for a Google map

8:00 to 11:00 pm
Lessons for newcomers at 7:30
Refreshments served at the break

Oct 20 Caller: Donna Hunt
Band: Pieces of Eight
Location:Summit Church
Double Dance
Afternoon dance features "Challenging Contras & Squares"
Admission: Aft and Eve $15 / $10
   Aft only $8 / $5
   Eve only $10 / $5
Afternoon dance starts at 4:30
Potluck Supper at 6:30
Bring something to share with hungry dancers!
Evening Dance at 8 PM

Nov 17 Caller: Sue Gola
Band: Brooklyn Swing Ensemble
Location:Summit Church
Admission: $10 / $5 for students
Dec 15

Caller: Rick Mohr
Band: Audrey Knuth, Rachel Bell & Max Newman:
Audrey Knuth - fiddle
Rachel Bell - accordion
Max Newman - guitar/mando
Bodacious Refreshments! Festive Dress Encouraged!
                        Special Event Special Price
Admission $18 ($10 students)
Location: Summit Church