For Thursday Night Contra Dancers

The Steering Committee of the Thursday Night Contra Dance proposes to change the way the dance is organized and operated. 

In general, three questions are being raised:

1.   Whether we should incorporate as a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation

2.   Whether we should seek federal tax exempt status.

3.   Whether we should continue to have an elected board, or switch to a board
that chooses its successors and not have elections.

These questions were discussed at a community meeting during the break of the dance on October 12, 2006.  The first two questions – incorporating [primarily to limit personal liability] and seeking tax-exempt status [to avoid tax liability and to enable us to solicit tax-deductible contributions] seem to have widespread support.  The third question – whether to have an elected or a self-perpetuating board – raises more questions for many people.  Also, dance community members may have additional ideas about what should (or should not) be in the bylaws of the new corporation, if we decide to create it.

The Thursday Night Dance Steering Committee has scheduled a series of open meetings to help the dance community become familiar with these questions, to discuss them and to decide them.  The meetings are scheduled as follows:

November 2  (Thursday) – during the break at the contra dance.  This will be a short meeting at which the questions will be presented and briefly explained.

November 11  (Saturday) 1:30p to 3:30p at Donna Hunt and Chris Deephouse’ home, 3 miles from the Glenside Memorial Hall*.  This meeting is for discussion and for identifying any issues/ideas that the members of the Thursday Night Dance community think need to be further investigated/planned/drafted/etc.

November 27  (Monday evening) 7:00p to 9:00p at Chris and Donna’s home* again.  Full discussion of all issues and, hopefully, determination of the specific questions to be put to the dance community for a vote.

The Steering Committee hopes that, after these meetings, the dance community will be prepared to vote on the proposals that emerge from the meetings. Hoping this will be the case, the Committee plans to present the proposals and conduct a vote on them December 7, 2006 during the break at the dance.

Steering Committee
     Steve Blum
     Donna Hunt
     Mel Novner
     Carl Peridier
     Jess Purvis
     Steve Shelly
     Sterle Wallace

*Donna Hunt and Chris Deephouse

     1300 Bergan Road, Oreland, PA 19075
     From Route 309, take the Paper Mill Rd. exit.
     Turn north on Paper Mill Rd. then left on Bergan Rd.
     Call for directions: 215.402.0133